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1. Acne Purifying (消炎除豆)
Perfect for oily and acne skin. Controls oil sebum production and eventually reducing acne outbreaks. 
2. Collagen (胶原蛋白)
Helps to improve skin collagen. Calms and balances skin for a refreshing recovery from daily tiredness. Excellent for brides and photo-shoots.
3. Clarifying (消炎除豆)
Reduces and clear break outs and blemishes. Calm down oily skin conditions.
4. DNA (抗皱)
Nourishes and moisturizes skin. Promotes skin cell renewal. Improves skin suppleness and elasticity. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, keeping a youthful complexion. 
5. Eye Care (眼护)
Hydrates the epidermal layer around the skin of the eye zone area. Helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines at eye contour areas. Minimizes dark circles and reduces fine lines. 
6. Firming (除皱提升)
Anti-wrinkle solution. Renews skin for a youthful complexion.
7. Hydrating (锁水保湿)
Intensive hydrates skin. Formulated to reduce water loss and supplementing moisture to skin. 
Suitable for all skin types, giving an immediate radiant look. 
8. Mandarin (控油收缩毛孔)
Has purifying, antiseptic & astringent properties. Regulates oil glands, sebum secretions & restores skin electrolyte balances, tightening pores & leaves skin clear matt. Suitable for open pores and oily skin.
9. Soothing (安抚抗敏)
Calms skin to prevent any outbreak or irritation of skin towards the surrounding environment. 
10. Sensitive (抗敏感)
Perfect for sensitive complexion, attenuates diffuse redness. Desensitizes all forms of irritated, soothing, clarifying and softening effect.
11. Vitamin C (维生素C)
Brightens skin complexion, keeping it radiant. Enforces the skin’s defense against free radicals, reducing premature aging caused by environmental stresses. 
12. Whitening (美白)
Brightens complexion while intensively moisturizing skin. 
13. Repairing (修复)
Exclusively for skin tissue repairing and strengthens cells renewal. Smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Moisturizes and enhance elasticity. Keeps suppleness and youthfulness to skin.
14. Stem Cell (干细胞抗老化)
Promotes skin natural renewal, cutaneous energizing, stimulating and repairing. Smoothing, brightening and moisturizing skin. Suitable for all aging, dehydrated skin types. Best for wrinkles, fine lines, scar and also bust firming.