Facial Ampoule

    Why work with us?

    Golden Queen Cosmetics

    Established in 2008

    We are a company that works closely with skincare product manufacturers, raw ingredients suppliers and research laboratories to develop OEM products for cosmetic retail, spa, massage, beauty centres and clinics. Customization and OEM start from as low as 1 kg. 


    We help our clients develop their brand and products

    We hold a wide range of skincare and hair products that are carefully formulated, developed and market-tested by the research laboratories we partner with for the major players in the spa and beauty industry. Come and choose from our ready-selection, or let us know if you wish to develop your own formula. 


    Why work with us

    Our products have been quoted as the best standards-compliant by our clientele in terms of its quality and price-point. Developing and refining our product range and methodologies in manufacture is an integral part of our business and we constantly seek to improve based on feedback from our clientele. 

    If you are looking to develop your one-of-a-kind line of products and stand out from the rest of your peers, feel free to get in touch with us.  


    Our OEM process is simple – 

    Let us understand your needs, gather your requirements and we will recommend you the closest match from our current product range. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, we can revise the ingredient mix, formula and composition till it best represents your brand. 

    Now that you understand what we offer for our customers, are you enjoying these benefits from your current supplier? If not, talk to us today.